Vin de Pays! - French Value Pack

Vin de Pays! - French Value Pack


For our next pack a selection of simple yet delicious French Wines.

No strange ferments or Danish rock stars, just well made minimal intervention wines that taste of the country they come from. The sort of wines you will find at the local wine bar in small towns across France. 

Landron Chartier Muscadet 2019 / fresh, mineral Loire white

l'Ausseil - P'tit Piaf Rose 2018 / dry, textual Roussillon rosé

Chai St Etienne - Les Verres en l'Air 2019 / juicy Jurancon Noir from the South West

Domaine de Brin - Vendemia 2018 / brambly & fresh blend from the South West

Clos de Gamot - Le Gamotin Cahors 2018 / dark & rich Malbec from Cahors

La Colombiere - Les Frontons Flingueuers 2019 / rustic berries & herbs from Fronton

Normal price for the six would be $225