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Victoria Torres Pecis - La Rosas Listan Negro 2018

Victoria Torres Pecis - La Rosas Listan Negro 2018


Region: Canary Islands

Grapes: Listan Negro

Single site Listan Negro from the south of the island, farmed by two young friends of Viki’s. It's an incredibly steep vineyard that rises from 450-600m absl. This is the first vintage of this wine she has vinified. All fermentation is done with native yeasts, and temperatures are not controlled. Her wines have a stunning purity and vibrancy, achieved through her patient, meticulous work.


Viki Torres has breathed a new modern edge into the wines since taking over from her father in 2015. The family vineyard (Matias i Torres winery) is the oldest winery still operating on La Palma, having been in continuous production since 1885. Geographically it’s fascinating, the most active volcano in the Canaries which erupts every 40 or 50 years means there’s vineyards on pure black, fresh volcanic sand on the south of the island while in the north of the island amazing old vines sit at 1000m altitude on geologically older, red volcanic soils.