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Terada Honke - Kioke Jikomi Sake 2015

Terada Honke - Kioke Jikomi Sake 2015


Region: Chiba

Size: 720ml

Sake Madness: Junmai Kimoto Nama Genshu

Style: Full Bodied / Intense / Dry

The Kioke is made with Shinriki rice that was grown organically by Terada Honke themselves. Only polished to 80%, it is pasteurised and undiluted. A powerful & complex sake that showcases the rewards of ageing sake over a few years.

‘Kioke’ means wooden and on the label it says ‘Kioke Jikomi’ or ‘Wood Ferment’. This is a reference to the Sake being fermented in an open top wood fermenter (made from Japanese cedar). It spends purely the fermentation time in wood then is aged for the remainder of the time in bottle.

This Sake has great depth with layered and complex aroma and palate.


The Terada Honke brewery is in the town of Kozaki in Chiba prefecture and was founded in 1673 [they have been brewing Sake for over 347 years!]. They make naturally brewed sake using only organic rice, all the work is done manually with the only outside help being from the yeasts and various micro-organisms that are naturally inhabiting the air within the old walls of the brewery.

The current Toji [Master Brewer] & Kuramoto [Brewery Owner] at Terada Honke is Masaru Terada who took over from his father-in-law [Keisuke Terada]. Masaru-san is the 24th generation to own the brewery and he continues the traditional approach to Sake production.