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Rafael Palacios - Luoro Godello 2020

Rafael Palacios - Luoro Godello 2020


Region: Valdeorras

Grapes: Godello / Treixadura

Rafa’s wines are anything but flabby and inert, instead they’re always stamped with an electric-granitic acidity. At their best this acid cuts through the sort of texture and complexity that’s akin to top white Burgundy. Whereas other reference points for top Spanish wine often feature wine making process - the long barrel aging of Vina Tondonia or Ygay or the wonders of flor-yeast in Jerez - what Rafa is chasing is the purest possible transmission of site through wine. In practice, this means fully certified biodynamic farming, incredibly intensive winery work, where selection harvesting and elevage is meticulously and carefully managed. There’s an obsessive intensity to every part of the project, but the results are stunning. 

Louro Godello is a village wine of O Bolo, predominately Godello with some 5% of Treixadura. Fermented and aged in 3,500l foudre.