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Bottle of Paola Medina 'Amontillado de Anada' 2001 500ml

Paola Medina - Amontillado de Anada 2001 (500ml)


Region: Marco de Jerez

Grapes: Palomino

Supremely elegant, mineral and vibrant with great complexity. Brilliant amber in colour, very complex aromas, dry in the mouth, mineral, round, and persistent.

Only 750 litres bottled. After delicate fermentation, the original Fino was aged biologically at 15.5% and later re-fortified to 18% later. Later Amontillados (after 2003) have not been re-fortified at all. This, Paola's first Amontillado, was biologically-aged for 10 years, at which time, it was re-fortified, topped and aged oxidatively for a further 8 years until classified Amontillado.


One of the large, historical houses of conventional sherry-making, Williams and Humbert nowadays offer a layer of distinct wines within the fluidity of 'Sherry' styles. Under the young generation leadership of Paola Medina Sheldon, the Williams Colleción is a series of astonishingly delicate and singular Finos and Olorosos - statically-aged single-vintage wines, with terroir as important as bodega influences. Paola mainly takes fruit from the 'las Conchas' vineyard within Pago Añina and some old vines in Pago Carrascal.