Oro di Giano - Basilio Olive Oil

Oro di Giano - Basilio Olive Oil


Size: 250ml

Region: Umbria

Cultivars: Frantoio / Leccino / Moraiolo / San Felice

Basilio Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oilis organically grown. It has a very intense and harmonious flavors with a fruity and artichoke heart aroma. It is ideal on hearty dishes such as soups and braised lamb shoulder.

Nerd Notes:

Basilio Pompiji was Claudia´s uncle, a vicarial Cardinal who was based in Giano since the first half of the nineteenth Century. Basilio italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is dedicated to him; it is obtained from Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and San Felice, olives harvested in October.