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Monastero Suore Cistercensi - Ruscum 2020

Monastero Suore Cistercensi - Ruscum 2020


Region: Vitorchiano / Lazio

Grapes: Trebbiano / Malvasia del Lazio / Verdicchio

A delicious and highly popular skin contact wine from the Trappist Sisters. Richly flavoured with notes of honey, spice, nuts, apricot and preserved citrus. Textual and only lightly tannic.


About an hour drive North of Rome, the monastery was opened in 1957, when the community moved in, and today has around 80 sisters. The order is the ‘Cistercense della Stretta Osservanza’, also known as Trappist, who obeys the Benedictine principle of the 'ora et labora’ (pray and work) and intends the work above all in the manual sense, therefore also agricultural. Here at this quiet religious outpost, this order works vineyards, orchards and gardens organically. Under the guidance of the Bea family, the sisters tend the vineyard without machinery and are invested in low-intervention practices. They ferment with only naturally occurring yeasts and follow organic wine-making practices.