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Molozay - Château de Vaux Les Gryphées 2020

Molozay - Château de Vaux Les Gryphées 2020


Region: Moselle

Grapes: Müller-Thurgau / Auxerrois / Gewürztraminer / Pinot Gris

Not to be confused with the Mosel, the Moselle AOC is in fact the entirely seperate French region, situated on the very same river that gives its name to both regions, only on the French side where it crosses the border from Luxembourg into France. 

The Molozay les Gryphées 2020 therefore takes far more after the wines of Alsace rather than those of the german Mosel, however the climate provided by its more Northerly latitude produces a distinctly more delicate and flinty expression of this classic Alsatian assemblage. Superb value.