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Bottle of Masseria del Pino 'Rosso Miriam Vino' 2019 750ml

Masseria del Pino - Rosso Miriam 2019


Region: Mt Etna / Sicily

Grape: Granaccia (Alicante)



100% Pure Granaccia from a 78-year-old vineyard that is located at 1200 meters above sea level on Etna’s Nth face. It belongs to 2 elderly sisters and a brother who remained farmers. As explained by Federica Turillo at Masseria Del Pino.

"With the "Miriam" we began to scrupulously respect the millenary Mediterranean winemaking process of old Etna in particular. Pressing with the feet, no de-stemming, no maceration and the use of the chestnut casks built by us with the trees from our own property. It is a very light red color but we could not call it rosé to respect the distant era that this wine represents, this is the historical style and color of all wines originally from Etna"