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Makaridze - Tsolikouri 2018
Makaridze - Tsolikouri 2018

Makaridze - Tsolikouri 2018


Region: Imereti

Grapes: Tsolikouri

Aged for 6 months in qvevri then in stainless steel for 5 months. Light straw gold in the glass, just-ripe pineapple, lemon oil, field flowers and hints of cumin on the nose. The slightly higher alcohol content (13.7%) lends both weight and length to the wine, however it stays acidic and fresh. Limey, salty - bit of a margarita vibe!


Giorgi Makaridze is based in Terjola, which located in the Imereti Lowlands in western Georgia, on the right bank of the Chkhara river. The town sits around 170 m above sea level but Makaridze’s 25 year old vines grow on slopes of 250-300m elevation, where soils are clay over limestone. He currently has Tsitska, Tsolikauri and Otskhanuri Sapere(red varietal). Fruit is harvested between early to mid-October and all the wines are made in qvevri. Tsitska is more delicate varietal; thin skinned, late ripening and more difficult to grow that Tsolikauri, which tends to be more robust, bigger leaves, higher yield, thicker skins.