Italian Value Pack - Divine Comedy Edition
Italian Value Pack - Divine Comedy Edition

Italian Value Pack - Divine Comedy Edition


A new Italy pack to warm your hearts. Featuring a full course of Italians before ending in a lovely little digestivo. 

This is version II with a couple of changes from the original pack. Only some of the wines in the image are featured here.


Calabretta - Cala Cala Bianco 2019

A Carricante dominant white from the warm and slightly-on-fire slopes of Mt Etna, Sicily. A full flavoured white yet with a tight line of minerally acid holding all its bits in. Notes of citrus, peach and light honey dominate. High quality vino.


Pradarolo - Vej Bianco Antico 180 2019

A very popular orange wine here in the shop. Malvasia di Candia from Emilia Romagna. Very savoury wine with fine dry tannins and plenty of spice on the palate. At the same time it is bursting with aromatic flavours of orange, musk and ginger. Delicious.


La Ginestra - Lea 2018

This red is made with Canaiolo Nero, a grape that often plays a distant second to Sangiovese in Tuscany (where this wine comes from). 


Vigne de San Lorenzo - Rosso Campaglione 2018

A light to medium bodied Sangiovese from Ravenna in Emilia Romagana. An earthier expression of Sangiovese. Dark cherry mingled with notes of earth and spice. Dry with moderate tannins but finishes smooth. 


Laiolo Reginin - La Mora Barbera d'Asti 2018

A full flavoured and dry Barbera from Asti, Piemonte. Dark fruit, with sappy blackberry and spice notes. A rich wine that works very well with all sorts of hearty foods, pizza and pasta. 


Chinati Vergano - Chinato Digestivo (150ml)

And to finish! A little digestivo from Chianti Vergano in Piemonte.

Barolo Chinato is perhaps Piemonte’s most famous digestif. Traditionally made with Barolo, it takes its name from the bark of quinine (or “China”) tree, which is the main botanical here. Vergano prefers to use a younger nebbiolo from Barbaresco, where the tannins not as firm and the perfume a little more lifted. The quinine bark gives the wine tea-like tannins, while herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander, bay, ginseng, and rhubarb (and more..) provide warmth and real interest.