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Gotsa - Chinuri 2016

Gotsa - Chinuri 2016


Region: Lower Kartli 

Grapes: Chinuri

The name “chinuri” comes from the Georgian word “chinebuli” meaning “excellent” or “the best”. Light golden colour and dry flavour of acacia honey, meadow herbs and sagebrush. Herbal tannins and almond bitterness, typical characteristics of this variety.


Gotsa is a small winery run by the Godzadse family in the village of Kiketi. Beka Gotsadze is an architect by trade but now devotes all this time to the family wine business. He farms with no chemicals at all in the cool high altitude Asureti Valley in Kverno Kartli, 25km from Tbilisi. Babaneuri is an ancient village in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus in northern Kakheti