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Georges Deschamps - Petit Chablis 2020

Georges Deschamps - Petit Chablis 2020


Region: Chablis / Burgundy

Grapes: Chardonnay

A beautifully fresh Chablis from cool, steep slopes of Fontenay in the north of Chablis. Flavoursome and juicy with notes of green apple and citrus alongside the the white flower and nectarine notes often found in wines from here.



Georges Deschamps is the great-grandfather of Guillaume Vrignaud from the well-established Domaine Vrignaud. The family began planting in the appellation 1er cru Fourchaume within the Côte de Fontenay climate in 1955 (right bank). In 1975, they planted the rest of their vines around Fontenay near Chablis.

It is a quality conscious family with an absolute belief in the importance of work in the vines, respect for nature and biodiversity. 2009 marks the start of organic certification by Ecocert. According to the family, organic farming is a way of thinking, a way of revealing the terroir. In 2012, all wines were certified organic and have been so ever since.