Domaine Pignier - A Table avec Leandre 2017

Domaine Pignier - A Table avec Leandre 2017


Region: Jura

The Estate:

Domaine Pignier’s is an old family estate on the slopes of Montaigu in the Côtes du Jura. The estate has been in the family since 1794 and is today run by Maria Florence and her two brothers Antoine and Jean Etienne. The vineyards are cultivated biodynamically and they have been Demeter certified since 2003.

They family follow the Demeter Winemaking Standard of no winemaking additives and little or no SO2. In addition they only make wine from fruit that they grow themselves.


The Wine:

This cuvee, named for the families grandfather, is a field blend of eleven different grape varieties from the same plot. The grapes are all old heritage grapes now rarely grown in the Jura. The grapes are picked, crushed and fermented together and see an elevage in older oak. No additions including sulphur.

The resulting wine is fresh, crisp and light with notes of wild berries and herbs with floral notes. Unique, interesting and tasty.