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Collecapretta - Terra Pretti 2019

Collecapretta - Terra Pretti 2019


Region: Umbria

Grapes: Trebbiano Spoletino

Since the 1100s, the Mattioli family has lived in the tiny settlement the Romans deemed Collecapretta or “hill of the goats”. For generations, the Mattiolis have cultivated the rugged hillsides of this Umbrian village located just outside of Spoleto. Today, the farm is barely 8 hectares in total but boasts a dynamic mix of local olives trees, farro and other ancient grain plantings and about four hectare of indigenous old vines. The total production of Collecapretta is only about 8000 bottles during a good year, yet the family vinifies many different cuvées to show the various expressions their land is capable of.