Chinati Vergano - Americano

Chinati Vergano - Americano


Region: Piemonte

Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 16%

Mauro Vergano worked for many years as a chemist for one of Italy’s top pharmaceutical companies, developing flavors and aromas. Americano is a traditional bitter apéritif from Piemonte. A play on the French amér, or bitter, it is similar to a Vermouth, but usually contains extra bitter components. Red wine-based Grignolino from Asti, blended with raw alcohol steeped in sugar, wormwood, savory, orange skin, gentian root and a host of dry Italian pantry herbs. A cult classic.

How To Drink: We recommend serving this delicious Americano over ice with a slice of blood orange and a splash of soda - the ultimate aperitif.