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Cave de Donnas - Donnas Nebbiolo 2017

Cave de Donnas - Donnas Nebbiolo 2017


Region: Valle d'Aosta

Grapes: Nebbiolo (locally called Picotendro)

This one breaks my brain a little bit conceptually and is a wildly different animal to the wineries described above. The cooperative was set up in 1971, the same year it received the Aosta’s first DOC. This makes the Cave the only producer for the Donnas. A tiny sub-zone of one producer.

As with a lot of co-operatives it is difficult to ascertain much information about the people behind the wine. I know only that it is led by someone named Mario Darbar. Probably a wizard.

The terrain here is incredibly rugged so banding together makes a good deal of sense. By all accounts the vines start at 300m and go up to 500m quickly. While this undoubtedly presents a formidable challenge it has its benefits. The granite soils lend the Nebiollo grown here a mineral elegance that it is unique in the region. Regardless of who they may be, this wine is lovely, and so I raise my glass to these mysterious mountain communists.

- Dom