Bruna - 'Majé' Pigato 2019

Bruna - 'Majé' Pigato 2019


Region: Riviera Ligure di Ponente / Liguria

Grapes: Vermentino (Pigato)

Nerd Notes:
Pigato grown from the towns of Ortovero and Ranzo and mostly from the hill of Garaxin, above the town of Pogli at 210 - 260 meters above sea level. Vineyards with a southern exposure to sunlight and grown on the typical Ligurian terraced hillsides with stone walls (called MAJE’). Soil consists of blue clays dating back to the Pliocene, rich in micro and macro fossil fauna. A Mediterranean microclimate, mitigated by the surrounding woods and the sea breeze.

The Wine: 
This tank aged wine is all elegance, freshness and minerality. Intensely scented with fine floral and citric notes alongside aromatic herbs and Mediterranean scrub. Fresh and succulent on the palate, it pinches the cheeks with it's precision and elegance. This combines the finest qualities of Muscadet and Chablis and adds it's own Italian coastal flourish; superb for the Summer.