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Brash Higgins - RSM 2019

Brash Higgins - RSM 2019


Region: McLaren Vale

Grapes: Riesling / Semillon

Bright and fleshy white from Brash Higgins that shows off the best of both varieties. Great summer drinking and great with oysters!


From The Winemaker-

A ‘field blend’ is an ensemble of different grapes from one vineyard block that are picked on the same day and fermented together, making a unique wine of place or a ‘vin de terroir’. Our version is from a sandy, elevated site along the far eastern foothills of the Blewitt Springs sub-region in McLaren Vale. Here one acre of Riesling (70%) and Semillon (30%), planted in 1975 by a German farmer, grow cheek by jowl. Picked on the same day, these unusual bedmates spend a couple days on skins together before being basket pressed then co-fermented wild in trusty French barriques. This bright white wine has all the emerald exuberance of Riesling cut with the lemony flesh of Semillon. Great summer drinking, and a riot with oysters, we are proud that this wine tastes like a true coastal white; its origins a mere 20 km from the Gulf of St. Vincent.


Harvest date: March 4, 2019

Hand picked

Vineyard: Saddlebags Hill, Blewitt Springs

Grower: Adrian Scott

Viticulture: Sustainable

Geology: North Maslin Sands over ironstone

Irrigation: Dry Grown

Altitude: 250 metres above sea level

Planted: 1975 on RWT Trellising

Fermenter type: white Burgundy barriques

Time in oak: 10 months

Oak origin: French

Oak age: 100% 6-10 year

Bottling date: Jan 20, 2020

Filtration: Coarse Regimesh