BioVio - Pigato 2018

BioVio - Pigato 2018


Region: Liguria

Grapes: Pigato (Vermentino)

BioVio is an unspoken legend in the small, impressive and magical Northern seaside region of Liguria - A landscape often struck by landslides, low yields, missed vintages and tough labor. Everything here must be done by hand due to the extremely steep and impossible terrain. BioVio were amongst the first if not the first to produce wine here through biological organic agriculture.

The Pigato is a classic example of this indigenous grape; a structural evolution of the vermentino - fuller bodied with slightly more fruit forwardness than its counterpart and capable of pairing with more structured seafood dishes as well as the classic "pasta al pesto".

100% stainless steel, fermented using only native yeasts and organic viticultural practices. Limited amounts are produced each year.