Antica Torino - Amaro della Sacra

Antica Torino - Amaro della Sacra


Region: Piemonte / Italy

Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 35%

"In the Middle Ages, while the learned monks of monasteries and abbeys were transcribing and restoring ancient texts, they also cultivated the herbs and plants necessary for the preparation of tinctures, teas, and liqueurs. Amaro della Sacra is the result of painstaking historical research of these traditions that were in use for hundreds of years in Europe."

Created via cold maceration of flowers, roots, seeds, barks, resins and woods - some typical of the territory of Piedmont such as gentianella and hops flowers, others more ‘exotic,’ discovered over the centuries during the exploration of new lands, including the vanilla of Madagascar, the green cardamom of the Indies, the myrrh of the Middle East, as well as the chinchona bark of South America. The infusion is then decanted and refined in stainless steel tanks for several months, filtered and bottled.