Anders Frederick Steen - Poetry of Silence 2016

Anders Frederick Steen - Poetry of Silence 2016


Region: Alsace

Grapes: Pinot Noir

"25% disteemed grapes of Pinot Noir and 75% direct press. Macerated for one night, not enough for the juice to take colour or tannins, but of cause the structure of the grapes.

After it has been pressed it was put directly into a fiberglass, then soutirage (racked) the 1st of June 2017 and transferred to age in old barriques, the wine was bottled in the 7th of july 2020. So a little more than 3 years in barrels. Non ouille (not topped up), we simply left the wine to take oxidation." - Anders

It is an oxidative wine, not jaune, but very well oxidative. Still with a taste of white fruits and long slaty bitterness – very balanced. I like this one very very much.