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Bottle of Almanac Beer Co. Lamb & Goose

Almanac Beer Co. - Lamb & Goose



Region: California

Size: 375ml 

ABV: 7.1%

STYLE: Lambic - Gueuze

Mixed-culture Fermented Gueuze-Style Ale Aged in Oak Barrels With Cherries and Bottle Conditioned

A gueuze—pronounced “gooz”—is a type of spontaneously fermented Lambic beer which is a blend of several different years of barrel-aged beer. Paying homage to this historic style, Lamb & Goose is a blend of some of the oldest foudres and barrels in the Almanac oak cellar, most of which have been aging for over 2 years. We then added cherries to the brew, creating a complex fruity flavor with strong minerality and funk. Enjoy this unique brew with a decadent cheese and charcuterie platter.