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Aetnae - Etna Aperitif

Aetnae - Etna Aperitif


Region: Mt Etna / Sicily

Size: 700ml

Its not Aperol, its better!

Etna Aperitif borns from the idea to create an alternative to the common aperitif Aperol, using the best produce of Sicily in the Etna area. Bitter almonds, tangerine and orange peels infused in alcohol and blended with Sicilian wine (a blend of organically farm Carricante and Catarratto), a hint of orange blossom honey and a mixture of herbs like: chamomile, gentian, cloves ,different types of absinthes and rhubarb.

Distinctly fresh and bright, with notes of lemongrass, mandarine, orange zest, and delicate almond bitterness.