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Borachio Wines

Borachio is the project of Alicia Basa and Mark Warner. Mark and Alicia started out working with James Erskine at Jauma before heading out on their own. They source organic fruit from vineyards in Mt Torrens and Mt Compass in the Adelaide Hills (Peramangk Country). The wines are a mix of experimental and vineyard specific, with no additions including sulphites. 

There is a lot of creativity behind the wines (and labels, thanks to Alicia’s sister Pilar) and you can really feel how much fun Alicia and Mark have making things. These are fun, high quality and clean wines with each vintage improving on the last. I have been selling these wines since their first release and am always excited to see what they do next.

Bottle of Borrachio 'Battered Sav' 2020 750ml
Bottle of Borrachio 'Battered Sav' 2020 750ml

Borachio - Battered Sav 2020