About Us

Where's Nick - Wine Bar & Wine Shop

Founded in 2017, we are a small bar located in Marrickville, New South Wales. In 2021, we decided to open a wine shop next door to our bar. We have a wide selection of interesting wines and make great food in our tiny kitchen space. 

We select our wines with a focus on changing the conversation around Natural Wine. We want to move the focus away from cult producers and back towards the vineyard.

We primarily source from sustainable and organic winemakers who produce wines that are made with minimal inputs while still showing a sense of place and terroir.

We were awarded Wine Bar of the Year 2020 by Timeout in Sydney, which was very nice.
Our wine bar and wine shop are located next door to each other on Marrickville Road - 234-236. Come and say hi and drop in for a drink or grab a bottle of something interesting to go. 

How It Started

Where’s Nick started as the project of three brothers: Julian, Dominic and Nick.

The purpose of the bar was to spread their love of interesting drinks, to take the elitism out of cult alcohol and encourage people to think about what they are drinking and where it comes from.

However one of those brothers said he never agreed to be part of said project, that he wanted nothing to do with it and would we please stop calling him.

That person was named Nick.