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Alexandre Giquel - Vouvray Gallus Chenin 2019

Alexandre Giquel - Vouvray Gallus Chenin 2019


Region: Vouvray / Touraine / Loire Valley

Grapes: Chenin Blanc

Alexandre nurtures his vineyard by hand and horse alone. The Gallus Cuvee is fermented 'til dry but has a longer elevage in old oak so texturally is quite a serious and powerful wine. If you’re after something special, you’ve found it.


The horse guy. Alexandre is the newest vigneron in Vouvray but has been well implanted in the world of winemaking for over a decade. He has been training horses to work in the vineyard and has travelled across France with these horses to help others cultivate in this way. He is native to Vouvray and so it seemed logical for him, after his years of travel, to come back and work his block of land in this way. He makes Vouvray and Gamay in his own vineyard of 3 hectares