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Dr Nicks Monthly Drinks Prescription

Dr Nicks Monthly Drinks Prescription


Not your ordinary wine subscription - this is Dr Nick's prescription... a prescription aimed to bring joy and surprise in ways other subscriptions cannot. Think of it like our Patreon... but for wine. 


What is it? 

A monthly delivery of excellent and interesting drinks (wine + beer or spirits). Delivered start of the month, every month. 

Carefully selected by Dr Nick, you will receive a selection of 4-6 wines plus perhaps some spirits samples, beer or maybe even cider. Basically whatever drinks have inspired or excited us for that month. 

This will fluctuate depending on the season and month, however you will always receive a surplus of value above and beyond a $160 RRP. 





The new subscription sends out on the first day of the new month. When you sign up you will receive that Subscription Pack of the month that you are currently in as well. 

If you do want to receive the pack of that month but prefer to start the following month then please email us and we will sign you up over the phone.

Why should you subscribe? 

Always trust your doctor 

We taste an enormous amount of wines each month. Let us do the picking and we will send you the best things we come across that we think are truly interesting and exciting. 

All of our selected wines, spirits and beers will be products that are made in very small volume, are usually hard to find in Australia and are minimal (natural), organic or sustainable. We aim for interesting and delicious.