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Ca Del Vent - Memoria Brut Pas Opere 2013

Ca Del Vent - Memoria Brut Pas Opere 2013


Region: Franciacorta / Lomabardia

Grapes: Chardonnay / Pinot Nero 

Traditional method sparkling to rival Champagne from one of Italy's finest sparkling regions. Following fermentation with native yeasts, the wine then rests for 6 – 8 months on its lees in used barriques, with no malolactic fermentation. No filtration or any other intervention. “Memoria” is the blend of the most mineral, herbal barrels. . It is then transferred to bottle for the second fermentation, following which it rests on its lees for 35 - 39 months. No liqueur d’expidition is added at disgorgement. This is the most refined and elegant of the Cà Del Vént selection, a crisp and dry style with excellent minerality and purity of fruit.


Cà Del Vént is a truly artisan producer located north of Brescia, near the ancient wine town of Cellatica. Their vineyards, at altitudes between 300 and 430m a.s.l., are on a hill that receives a constant thermal breeze; hence the winery name. Though they are within the Franciacorta wine zone, they do not label their metodo classico wines under the DOCG appellation. Indeed, the tasting commission of the DOCG has, in 2015, rejected the Cà Del Vént wines as being “too rich and too complex”, a result that the winery accepts almost as a badge of honour. “The respect for land, water, animals, grapes, wine and man, is not achieved by placing a simple statement on the label, but with a responsible approach from the technical-operational and ethical point of view.” Cà Del Vént are quite critical of the management practices permitted under the organic farming legislation, taking the concept of “vin natur” very seriously and adopting a strict approach to their protocols of “nothing added, nothing taken away”, both in the vineyard and in the bottle. To this end, they borrow from the biodynamic philosophy, using suitable essences and preparations, but also using management practices developed through detailed research of the complex soil types of their own vineyards sites. In fact they say that they manage their plots as micro-zones, vine by vine. All vineyard work is done by hand. Planting density is 7000 - 8000 vines per ha, with yield kept to just 1kg per vine. In the winery, each vineyard lot is vinified and aged separately and, in the case of the base wines, this occurs all in barrel on total yeast lees. Winemaker intervention is kept to an absolute minimum, as are sulphur additions (kept to less than 30 p.p.m.). The aim is to retain as much “energy” as possible in the wine as well as expressing both the vineyard and the grape in a pure and honest way. Also note that when the sparkling VSQ wines are disgorged a liqueur d’expedition is not used, the bottles are topped up only with wine from other bottles of the same lot. Cà Del Vént use the term “Pas Operé” (unprocessed) for this process rather than “Pas Dosé”, and again is a commitment to creating as pure a wine as possible.