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Bottle of Ve d'Avior (Cati Ribot) 'Cambuix' rose 2020 1 litre

Ve d'Avior (Cati Ribot) - Cambuix Rose 2020 (1 Litre)


Region: Mallorca / Spain

Grapes: Callet, Escursac, Gorgollassa, Esperó de Gall, Mantonegro

Blood orange, clear. Crunchy, cranberry, pomegranate. Fluid, clean and fresh. Savoury, the white part of white strawberries. Mineral, salty, watermelon. Joyous summer vibes.


Cambuix is the result of a hail storm which hit the vineyard in Santa Margalida at the end of August. As a result the remaining fruit was harvested and direct-pressed to make a rosé. Cambuix is a Mallorquin word for “bed head” because after the storm, the vineyard resembled the very same! Fermented and raised in stainless steel and puncheon.