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Bottle of Mii No Kotobuki 'mii no umeshu' 720ml

Mii No Kotobuki - Mii No Umeshu


Region: Fukuoka

Size: 720ml

Sake Madness: Aged Sake Infused with Ume

The Mii no Umeshu is a unique version of infused sake. The base product for this is an aged Junmai sake [Koshu] brewed in 1999. The Ume fruit is then infused in the aged sake for 6 months before being removed and sugar is added to balance the tart ume flavour. This has a wonderful complexity and bright tart Ume flavour.


Mii no Kotobuki was established in 1922. The brewery is located along the Koishiwara river with the beautiful scenic back drop of the surrounding rice fields and the Mino mountain range in the distance. The Toji [Master Brewer] at Mii no Kotobuki is Tadatsugu Inoue who took over as Toji in 2002, although he was working and assisting his father in sake-making since 1996.