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Bottle of Les Vins du Cabanon 'Canta Manana' 2020 750ml

Les Vins du Cabanon - Canta Manana 2020


Region: Roussillon

A juice saignée from the first 2-3 days of maceration of the wine Ezo (syrah, merlot) is poured over the skins of the grapes that go into Tir a Blanc (macabeu, carignan blanc, grenache blanc, bourboulenc, clairette, muscat d'Alexandrie).

An juicy and energetic rose with notes of red fruit, orange peel and spice.


Alain Castex is widely considered the uncompromising and meticulous 'Godfather' of natural winemaking in French Catalunya, having mentored so many now terrific vignerons in his time. His original vineyard ‘Le Casot de Mailloles’ (also the name of his then Domaine) was purchased in the early 90’s located on the steep, wind-swept, black schistous slopes above the Mediterranean in Banyuls. He began making wine out of an old Citroen garage which quickly became a cellar.

In 2015, Alain sold Le Casot de Mailloles to Jordi Perez and, having reached his 60's, moved into semi-retirement and working with his one hectare vineyard ‘Le Vins du Cabanon' where he continues his passion of farming organically and making wines of true purity. He makes small amounts of four wines under the same name as the vineyard, which is grown in Trouillas, just inland from Banyuls and south of Perpignan. Here the soils are a stunning mix of sand and clay and Alain manages to express this alongside the saline kiss of the nearby Mediterranean Sea. The vineyard is a mix of Grenache Blanc, Gris, Noir, Macabeu, Carignan, Mourvedre, Merlot and Syrah.