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Bottle of La Ginestra Sant’ Ellero Chianti 2019

La Ginestra - Sant' Ellero Chianti 2019


Region: Chianti / Tuscany

Grapes: Sangiovese

Very strong old school Chianti vibes. Plum and black cherry notes alongside violets and earth. Medium bodied with chalky tannin and bright fruit. Finishes dry. Definitely on the rustic side but that is part of the enjoyment. A really enjoyable and very food friendly wine.


The Estate: 

La Ginestra’s history is a utopian dream: In 1978 a group of young Tuscans began to restore an abandoned farm 20km south of Florence. They first produced grains and goats milk and cheese. In 1986 new members of the co-op introduced bees and olive trees and the first vines were planted in the ‘90s. Certified organic in 1989, they went on to introduce indigenous yeasts and a low intervention approach to wine-making in 2012.

Or as they like to put it, “we choose with love and passion to be observers accompanying
the grapes in their natural transformation into wine