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Bottle of Famille Dutraive 'Chenas Les Perelles' 2019 750ml

Famille Dutraive - Chenas Les Perelles 2019


Region: Chenas / Beaujolais

Grapes: Gamay

Seriously high quality Beaujolais produced by the Dutraive family. Elegant and ethereal yet with great depth. Fresh and textual with sweet fruit and savoury spice. Excellent.


The micro-negoce Famille Dutraive was created in 2017 after 2 consecutive years of devastating hail losses to Domaine de la Grand’Cour. To relieve the financial stress on the family Jean-Louis teamed up with his children Ophélie, Justin and Lucas. It has quickly evolved as a family project constant; an aside from the other more individual projects and domaines.

The grapes were initially sourced from friends who shared their organic/biodynamic philosophies and practices across the Beaujolais crus as an emergency measure. Now vineyards are leased specifically for the Famille wines and the range has taken on a permanent structure ensuring outstanding quality.


En Papolet is a 300 meter Chenas vineyard owned and farmed by Thillardon, who began selling to the Dutraive family following the destructive storms that ravaged Fleurie vineyards in 2018.

The winemaking uses traditional winemaking techniques continue a la Grand’Cour. Carbonic fermentation is encouraged by using whole bunches in cement vats blanketed by CO2 and temperatures are kept cool to slow the start of natural fermentation. No sulphur is used during fermentation or élevage, which take place in a mix of cuves (tanks), old barriques and an old foudre or two. All wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered with a tiny addition of SO2 at bottling only.