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Philippe Chevarin (Coteaux d'Ancenis)

For a little over 20 years Philippe Chevarin was an audio engineer, touring the world focused on live music. But with disillusionment of the business side of the music industry and long periods away from home, he knew he wanted change.

Living in Nantes with his wife and daughter, he was introduced to Rene Mosse & Pierre Olivier Bonhomme via family friend Thierry Puzelat. This chance meeting inspired him. The music industry did though provide considerable periods of downtime when not on the road, enabling Philippe to study whilst still working. He enrolled in viticulture and oenology and took on a two-year placement staging with Jacques and Agnes Carroget of Domaine de la Paonnerie. Philippe was hooked, and asked his mentor Jacques, to assist finding him vineyards of his own.

In 2014 he began working with just over 2 hectares of vines, the grapes from this first vintage sold to Mosse and Bonhomme. 2015 was to be the first year Philippe worked the vineyard full-time, in addition to processing the fruit and bottling wine under his own label.

He now has 5.3ha of vines in and around Oudon. This small hamlet is classified as Coteaux d’Ancenis and lies between Nantes and Angers. Philippe chooses to bottle his wines as Vin de France rather than under the appellation system. Under vine he has Melon de Bourgogne and Gamay predominantly with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Grolleau making up the remainder. The soils are a mix of schist, quartz and sandstone, bringing a marked terroir expression to his wines.

All vineyards are worked in organic farming, with Ecocert certification underway. Along with neighbour Jacques Fevrier, they apply Biodynamic practices and essential oils to the vines, which they began in 2018.

All fermentation is done via indigenous yeasts. Elevage is in tank and fiberglass only. The wines are bottled on a fruit day when the moon is waning, corresponding with biodynamic practices. Philippe avoids the use of sulphur, but he is not dogmatic about it and will add homeopathic doses if a cuvee requires it at bottling.

The wines from Philippe get better every year. Australia was his first export market with the 2016 wines, just his second vintage. Demand has now increased, not only in Europe, but now all around the world. 

2019 vintage, whilst smaller in quantity, has produced wines of purity and great balance, especially in the whites.

Philippe Chevarin - Les Sentinelles 2019
Bottle of Philippe Chevarin 'Les Sentinelles' 2019 750ml

Philippe Chevarin - Les Sentinelles 2019


Philippe Chevarin - Le Fleuve 2019
Bottle of Philippe Chevarin 'Le Fleuve' 2019 750ml

Philippe Chevarin - Le Fleuve 2019


Philippe Chevarin - Les Alouettes 2019
Bottle of Philippe Chevarin 'Les Alouettes' 2019 750ml

Philippe Chevarin - Les Alouettes 2019