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Tedo's Marani - Buera 2017

Tedo's Marani - Buera 2017


Region: Kakheti

Grapes: Buera

Tedo is the only winemaker bottling the buera grape commercially and this is the first vintage. Exotic, spicy and riveting – sandalwood, incense, musk, white pepper, dried stone fruits all in the fold and pleasant, powdery tannins. Only 250 bottles made. Don't delay.


Tedo Gzirishvili has been working in wine growing and winemaking since 1985. He makes wines in his family winery from the local, endemic varieties of grapes grown in organic vineyards with traditional method in Kvevri and European Method in stainless steel tanks. Their vineyard is harvested and tended with all organic processes, and to date Tedos Marani produces a limited quantity of 500 bottles annually. Tedo’s knowledge and experience of winemaking is passed down through ancestors. His ancestors had been constantly producing Traditional Kvevri wines for centuries.