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Domaine Labet (Jura)

The Labet family of Rotalier in the area south of Lons-le-Saunier, known as the Sud Revermont have been making thoughtful wines for generations but it was Alain Labet that put the winery on the map of collectors, critics and restaurateurs. In 1992 he released the first of his ‘Fleur’ wines, produced “ouillé” (or topped up) in the manner of Burgundy to great acclaim and has done so every year since.

Alain Labet was influenced early on by Pierre Overnoy and, like his friend Jean Macle (Chateau-Chalon) he converted to organics before it was as popular as it is today. He eventually retreated slightly by adding a single dose of herbicide – in son Julien’s words because “he didn’t want to spend all his time on a tractor”.

By only slight contrast, Julien Labet, Alain’s oldest son has always wanted to make wines as purely and as unadulterated as possible, beginning with organic farming and then by minimal intervention in the cellar. Importantly, Julien quips that he makes up for minimal intervention by maximum observation!

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