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Bottle of Giorgio Nicolini 'Ambrosia' 2018 750ml

Giorgio Nicolini - Ambrosia 2018


Region: Venezia Giulia 

Grapes: Malvasia

The 2018 Ambrosia Bianco consists of Malvasia Istriana grown, in fact, just over the Venetian border in Slovenia, a scant kilometer from the Nicolini cellar. Hand harvested in small baskets, macerated on the skins for 36-48 hours, spontaneous native yeast fermentation, traditional hand-crank press.

Giorgio Nicolini is a miniscule family farm, run based on old traditions inherited from their grandparents. Their effort is devoted to regenerating and replanting the old type of native vines, now almost completely lost, using the original centenary clones from their own vineyard.