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Bottle of Caroline Gatti Bolle Corsare NV

Carolina Gatti - Bolle Corsare NV


Region: Piave / Veneto

Grapes: Glera (Prosecco)

Spontaneous first fermentation, long rest in cement vats and then re-fermented using the juice from the first pressing which was frozen. The result is savoury, salty, complex and dangerous beverage. Traditionally it would have been decanted to seperate the sediment but I suggest to roll it like a Cooper's.


Carolina Gatti is one of the only natural vignerons within the Prosecco area of Veneto. As such she stands out as a beacon of interest in an ocean of meh (and not just because of the variable hair colourings). 

Carolina's estate is located in Ponte di Piave, in the Marca Trevigiana, with the vineyards trained in the "Bellussera" trellising system. This system is very rare and very old, requiring hard work in the vineyard. In short it is an overhead vine system, often using another plant (such as a mulberry tree) as the central support. The system helps reduce disease by limiting humidity around the vines but is impossible to work with machines.