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Oda Family Winery - Obeluri Ojaleshi 2018

Oda Family Winery - Obeluri Ojaleshi 2018


Region: Lechkumi

Grapes: Ojaleshi

Rose, direct pressed with no skin contact. Fermented with native yeasts. Spends 6 months in Qvevri. Unfined, unfiltered, no added sulphur.


Winemaker Keto is a philologist (researcher of language and literature) by trade who has been bitten by the winemaking bug. Her family moved from Martvili to Tbilisi in the 1970’s and during the economic crisis in the 1990’s they removed all the grape vines at their property in Martvili to plant hazelnuts which was a much more popular and profitable at the time. But in 2015 it was time to return to the family home and reinvigorate the property by replanting old Megrelian grape varieties once again. In addition to winemaking, Keto continues to write as both a journalist and freelancer and has just recently published a book entitled “A Gently Fermenting Revolution” about female winemakers in Georgia, which has only recently become a ‘thing’ as historically women were forbidden to do so.