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Adrien Berlioz - La Pepie Jacquere 2020

Adrien Berlioz - La Pepie Jacquere 2020


Region: Savoie

Grapes: Jacquere

Crisp and refreshing, like a good ‘mountain wine’ should be, with an elegance showing just how good Jacquere can be in the right hands. There’s an almost Chablisesque element in the lovely saline finish. Beautiful purity, very elegant texture, lighter weight and a great option for a lower alcohol wine. 


Nerd notes: Born from vines over 45 years old, lieu dit “Sous Tormery and Les Bugnons”, on terroir of limestone scree and moraine on marl. These vines are planted at a high density (8900 vines per hectares), harvested by hand when the time comes, with the grapes transported in small boxes. In the winery, the grapes are then directly pressed, and vinified by gravity before natural fermentation and winemaking techniques, including a very small amount of sulphur, are used to complete the wine. Ageing is then carried out in stainless steel tanks. La Pepie means “the thirst” in Savoie local dialect.