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Brasserie Fantome (Belgium)

Region: Wallonia / Belgium

Fantôme is the small brewery of Dany Prignon, located in the village of Soy in Wallonia, Belgium. Founded in 1988, Fantôme has gained a cult following for its unique range of Saisons.

Dany Prignon definitely sits in the artist/mad scientist category of producers. He operates at his own schedule, making beer when the mood takes him and rarely leaving his home village. Dany also does not actually drink beer. His enjoyment comes from the making of beer and constant experimentation. Fantôme has produced over a hundred different styles of beer through the years, some having only been made once.

Generally speaking, the beers have a strong yeast profile. As with most Belgian breweries Fantôme has its own unique set of secret yeasts which a unique character to the beer. The different releases can also vary somewhat batch to batch, particularly when it comes to carbonation. There are no computers or scientific recipes at Fantôme, with Dany using past experience to determine what will work based on the ingredients at hand.  
Saison Beer
Saison (meaning seasonal) is a style of farmhouse ale that is traditionally made differently depending on the time of year. The beer can be made with a variety of ingredients, including herbs, spices and other fruits. 

On the Name of The Brewery
The name of the brewery stems from the legend of the Phantom of La Roche-en-Ardenne, a ghost said to haunt the ruined castle in the nearby town of La Roche-en-Ardenne. The ghost is said to be that of the Countess Berthe de la Roche… who was MUUUUURRRRRDDEEERED!


— Julian

Fantome - Noel Reserva
Fantome - Noel Reserva

Fantome - Noel Reserva