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Eugenio Bocchino (Piemonte)

Region: Barolo / Piemonte

We are very excited to have our first wines from the most excellent Eugenio Bocchino.
Eugenio Bocchino and Cinzia Pelazza together farm around five and a half hectares of biodynamic fruit from seven parcels of fruit split amongst the communes of Alba, Verduno, La Morra and Roddi in Piemonte.

Eugenio and Cinzia first began working together on a small plot of vines inherited from Cinzia’s grandfather. The first vintage yielded around 250 bottles; a single barrel made in the couples garage. From these small beginnings they have slowly grown to their current 5.5ha.

The vineyards have been run organically and biodynamically since almost the very beginning. Cinzia is a biologist and agronomist with a focus on soils (and the fungi therein) and biodynamic farming. Eugenio runs the cellar having spent time working with local wineries in the area to gain experience. The estate is a member Nicholas Joly’s Renaissance Italy as well as the natural wine association ViniVeri.

Winemaking is done in the most traditional way possible and new oak is not used. The grapes ferment in stainless before macerating in old oak with a submerged cap, as opposed to racking or pumping over. A much gentler form of extraction. A number of times Eugenio has explained that he treats his Nebbiolo almost like white wine. There are no additions to the wine save small amounts of sulphur.

These wines are some of the best we have tried from Piemonte in the last few years. They manage to combine depth and concentration with elegance and freshness.



Eugenio Bocchino - Barbera d'Alba Tom 2019
Eugenio Bocchino - Barbera d'Alba Tom 2019
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Eugenio Bocchino - Barbera d'Alba Tom 2019