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Margherito Ancient Grains - Pasta Busiate

Margherito Ancient Grains - Pasta Busiate


Origin: Sicily

Sicily was once covered in unique native and regional grains. However post World War II industrialization was encouraged and many farms were converted into mono-cultures. Lucky for us there has been a movement back to growing a more diverse range by some growers.

Sicilian Busiate Pasta Ancient Grains Margherito is made from Margherito Sicilian ancient grain flour. Its flavour is characterized by a distinctive rustic homemade texture and yet very delicate on the palate. A beautifully authentic and yet soft aftertaste.

Buisate originates in western Sicily around Trapani. The pasta is named for the stem of a local grass: buso. Historically this stem was used to coil the pasta. These days a thin iron rod is used.