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Oro di Giano - San Felice Olive Oil

Oro di Giano - San Felice Olive Oil


Size: 250ml

Region: Umbria

Cultivar: San Felice

San Felice Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organically grown) has a fantastic golden green colour and a complex aroma with light notes of rocket and thistle and fresh cut grass. The flavour is simply outstanding with sweet almond, tangy citrus and a spicy aftertaste due to the high presence of polyphenols and antioxidants.

 San Felice Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect on slow cooked pork belly, barbeque scotch fillet and timilia ancient grains pasta with game ragu.

Nerd Notes:

The “cultivar” is called “San Felice” and takes its name from the homonymous abbey. It was in fact the monks who selected it and preserved it to this day.

It´s a very small extra virgin olive oil production, from one of the smallest Italian cultivars.