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Damien Bureau (Loire)


"A ceaseless quest to make delicious natural wines, with no compromise."

Damien worked for different wine producers in lots of different regions around France before finally deciding to have a crack on his own. He chose his homeland, The Loire Valley, noting that it has exceptional potential to make wines of almost any style a vigneron might choose. He landed in the Layon, and now farms vineyards around Rablay, including the beautiful hills of Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay.

His creation started with a small vineyard handed over to him by the legendary Babass (Sebastien Dervieux) originally from Domaine des Griottes. That was in 2006. He slowly acquired a few other vineyards over the years, and since 2013 has 2.5 ha, mostly planted to Chenin Blanc. There is about 0.75 ha of reds, including some really old Pineau d’Aunis vines and another plot which is co-planted to Grolleau and Gamay.

Everything is done by hand, meticulously. Farming is more-than-organic, entirely paysan, old school hard work with attention to detail and natural phenomenon in the vineyards. Damien turns the top inch of soil regularly during the growing season so as to have literally no grass or weeds anywhere. This is quite a contentious choice, even in natural farming circles, and even though all that work is done mechanically with a hoe and a strong back. Many would argue that a diverse range of other plant life within a vineyard is a positive tool for natural balance, flowering, etc. However, to Damien’s thinking, this is a defence against disease. It’s true that the Layon is a very humid place, and Mildew is often a menace, potentially exacerbated by too much retained humidity around the base of the vines.

The geology is heavily schistous, with shallow top soils of wind-blown sand and some sections with more clay. These are fiery terroirs, but Damien’s soft touch means the resulting wines are always, always ultra refreshing with a very high reading on the Simpson Drinkability Index.

These wines are limited and will sell out fast. 

- Charlie

Damien Bureau - Paloma 2019
Bottle of Damien Bureau 'Paloma' 2019 750ml

Damien Bureau - Paloma 2019


Damien Bureau - La Jeannette 2015
Bottle of Damien Bureau 'La Jeannette' 2015 375ml

Damien Bureau - La Jeannette 2015


Damien Bureau - La Poivrotte 2020
Bottle of Damien Bureau 'La Poivrotte' 2020 750ml

Damien Bureau - La Poivrotte 2020