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COS (Sicily)

COS itself needs little introduction. Arguably one of the most loved estates in the natural wine world, not only of course for the wines, but also for the very special people who make them. If you ever meet or have met Giusto and Giambattista, you'd know what I mean. They are leaders of the natural wine movement in the World, who started in 1980 to make wines from abandoned family vineyards and over the years developed a unique terroir-driven style for their Wines.

The entire Estate is farmed biodynamically since the 1980s. The soils are red sand over 30 meters of pure limestone, which is a defining feature in the finished wines.

The wines are profound and effortless at the same time. Please remember that all COS wines benefit from decanting and should ideally not be served warmer than 18 degrees.

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