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Cinque Campi - Le Marcone 2016

Cinque Campi - Le Marcone 2016


Region: Reggio / Emilia Romagna

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon / Marzemino 

A dark and very dry red with notes of ripe plum jam alongside more earthy notes. A great wine for heavier food. Full on the palate with grainy tannins balanced by brambly acidity. Showing the complexity and earthiness of an aged wine.



Vanni Nizzoli’s family have been making wine in the hills around Puianello di Quattro Castella in Northern Emilia-Romagna for over 200 years but it was only in the early 2000s that they began to bottle and sell their wine commercially.

All of the vines are managed organically by Vanni and, until recently, his father. For Vanni this is crucial in caring for the land his family have held for generations. When asked what his father thinks of organics, he doesn’t understand the term: almost as though he can’t comprehend you would grow grapes any other way.

We were first won over by Vanni’s sparkling wines - this is Lambrusco country, after all - made with the addition of some chilled unfermented grape must to the finished base wine to kick-start secondary fermentation in bottle. Vanni adds no sulphur to any of the wines and disgorges every bottle.