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Julien Fremont - Pomme de Paille Cidre Fermier 2018

Julien Fremont - Pomme de Paille Cidre Fermier 2018


 Region: Calvados / Normandy

This cider has been made in the same way as the others – that is spending time in the attic to concentrate the flavours.

For this cider, however, Julien has returned to the 1700s and crushed the apples but left them with their red skins as they did originally. This extracts the colour and flavour from the skins in a technique remarkable similar to that used to make orange wines.

He then presses the pulp but instead of using cloth in the press he has returned to the ancient method of using organic straw which imparts its own mild nuances to the flavour and aroma of the cider. As always he adds no foreign yeasts and leaves it to the yeasts on the apples to do the work of converting the sugar to alcohol.

The result is a clean, long-lasting flavour that is a pleasure to experience.