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Bottle of Sete 'Freaky' Rose 2020 750ml

Sete - Freaky Rose 2020


Region: Amaseno Valley / Lazio

Grapes: Ciliegiolo / Bonamico / Sangiovese / Ottonese +

A juicy, fresh and slightly funk rose/light red from Sete in Lazio. Notes of cranberry, rhubarb and light herbs. 



Sete is the winemaking project of three young friends; Emiliano Giorgi, Arcangelo Galuppi and Martina d’Alessio. They started the project in 2013 with the intention of saving and recovering old, abandoned vineyards around their home town in the Amaseno Valley, south west of Rome. 

The viticulture is organic and parcel is vinified separately. There are no additions, including sulphites.